Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Post!

New post up over at the new location -

The blog has migrated!

After my last assessment, my tutor made a very valid point about the functionality of this blog. She basically confirmed everything I've been thinking for the past year and I realised that my blog needed more structure to it, if I ever wanted my tutor and eventually an examiner to find anything. 

I would like to thank the OCA for putting up an informative and useful guide to setting up a learning log. You can find the original post HERE which will point you towards the PDF guide to making a functional and efficient blog HERE

Migrating my blog has not only made it easier to use but it has also highlighted just how much more needs to be added. Whilst on blogger, it has seemed quite a full blog, looking at on Wordpress, I actually see that there is a fraction of what should be included.

I will be adding links to various blogs that I follow, including other very talented OCA students, over the next few days, so please visit and give me any feedback.

The new blog can be found at

Could anyone who has put my link on their blogrolls please change the address? I've already added a bunch of new links to my blog roll on the new site, including some links to Textile artists as well as fellow OCA students. If you would like your blog address added to my list let me know, I'm always looking for interesting sites.